'People buy from people' is a well known adage and you know that it is therefore vital that your company shows your customers who your key personnel are.

Whenever and wherever you need images of personnel for your Company's new web-site or marketing material we are always happy to meet with you and discuss your needs, frequently even offering up suggestions to help meet your objectives.

The same images can also be utilised for physical displays in your Company's Reception and there are a number of different styles available for these displays

Before you book though, you need to ask yourself some basic questions; Who will be the subject of the photo shoot, if more than one, how many and what are their genders? Are you looking for individual or group photographs? How and where are your photographs going to be used, digitally or in print? Where will your photo shoot take place, do you need a coloured or plain background? What aspect would you like your photograph to have, portrait or landscape and what style photograph would you be looking for, full face, head and shoulders, three quarter or full length? Will you need space around your photograph for any text? 

Lots of questions but don't worry because we will always try and discover exactly what it is you are looking for before accepting your booking. 




Simply complete the 'Request for Information' form and we will get straight back to you to discuss your requirements. 



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